Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Continued catch-up from last week

Time to say goodbye to the boys...they head off to EFY about 10:00 Monday morning so mom could take them to breakfast before checking in. It ended up taking a REALLY long time and mom ended up taking them to lunch too.

Sexy Trio - Look out girls!

Helping pick raspberries after saying goodbye

Joey really enjoys stacking things. We got him these blocks for Christmas last year. I took this picture right before the tower was his tallest yet.

On Tuesday the 30th we decided to go out to eat for lunch...Chuck-A-Rama is always a good pick because there is such a variety for the kids and I just may be able to get full. You can eat all you want for one special price. It is great....actually, for our 3 year anniversary that is where we went for dinner because we had Joey with us and I was pregnant with Lydia. Danny finished eating way before Joey and I, so he just watched us. I think I could have stayed a while longer but it was getting late.

Joey always throughly enjoys himself when we eat at Chuck-A-Rama

*My hunky hubby*

Beautiful Flowers outside of Chuck-A-Rama...just had to stop

Mom and I made SALSA!

Lydia loves to eat...I believe at the moment it is tomatoes.
After doing the salsa, mom came with me to the Riverton Senior Center I was to sing at. It was really fun to have her there. It was the first time I sang at this particular one and it went really well. Pat (the lady in charge) gave me their monthly newsletter and it had at list of a bunch more Senior Centers in the area with contact info. Pat said that she would be more than willing to be a reference for when I call any of them. So exciting!

Still getting tons of raspberries! I made freezer jam with these ones and the ones I already made 5 half pints. Danny was trilled!

Wednesday evening mom and I went to my cousin's Julie "Sprinkle" which is the same as a baby shower just smaller. She already has a little boy and girl and this baby will also be a girl. She is due on July 18! Not too much longer.
Me * Julie * Mom

My Grandma Hall always make everyone a baby quilt. This is the one she made for Julie's expected baby. So cute!

Grandma Hall * Me

Grandpa Hall * Me

Grandpa and Grandma Hall have a wonderful garden...always have. This year they have tons of rhubarb and Grandpa pick me some so it could make Strawberry-Rhubarb jam. Can't wait. Thanks Grandpa!

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Linds said...

Love the pictures! I'm so glad you got to see your mom for a week!