Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 2-3

This adorable boy is in our new Branch and just got baptized on January 2. His name is Alan. He has 4 brothers and now a baby sister and a mom who is amazing at raising them all herself. Her children amaze me at how well mannered and behaved they all are. It was a special day and since they don't have camera....I decided to take it upon myself to be their photographer. After coming home for the baptism, we had the kids all play outside and had I went crazy, as usual.

Lydia is indeed soaking wet because we has sticking her head in the dripping snow water coming off the parking roof. Silly girl. I think she looks like a wet puppy.

Joey loves to walk in snow. No matter where we are we has to have at least one foot stomping it down as he trucks along. He also loves to kick any piles around.....thanks Daddy.

January 3: Decided to let Lydia try some soda and of course she LOVED it and kept coming back for more. I love this big smile of hers.....just completly loving life.

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Brittney said...

I can't believe how big she's getting!! I miss you guys!!