Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Surprise Grandpa Z!!!! January 9, 2010

All of the Zabriskie Clan got together to surprise Grandpa Z for his 80th Birthday.....well a couples weeks before hand so he would be unaware. Everyone arrived ahead of he and Grandma, so it was perfect. The story as far as I understand it is that Grandma told him she needed to take something to Lynette at the institute she works at, because there were meetings going on or something. Out of his comfy chair he rose and strolled out to his chariot. When they got to the institute he was just going to wait in the car while Grandma went in real fast.....moment of panic. "No," she told him "you should come in with me. Lynette would like to see you".....moments later.....SURPRISE!!! He was absolutely stunned; he had no clue. Success!

The feast may begin!

Joey and Momma

Playing in the water

Still in shock....

Ahhhh! Freshing

Studdly Men
Future Chemist


Proud Grandma

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Linds said...

Precious! Wish we could have been there! Love the pictures! (Wasn't it a couple weeks afterhand? Not before?) I cant wait to read the book that Lynette is putting together! And CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS THIS WEEK!