Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recent Action

Lydia is our little monkey. She has recently discovered climbing on the outside of the stairs. Joey joins her but only goes up a couple where as she goes up as high as possible. She likes to hang backwards and even steps completely off and just hangs on, eventually putting her feet back on and climbing back down. Danny says, "She thinks she is such a pile". I have yet to figure out, a pile of what...

Lydia and Cyrie both love coloring. It was so cute when they were coloring together, sharing a book. They are good buddies.

Pretty Pink Glasses

Joey has started LOVING to draw and some of his stuff actually looks like what he says it is. I am very impressed with him. Mostly he draws on his Doddle-Pro.


Danny had a rough morning with the kids (just great) and finally put both of the kids in timeout. Lydia fell asleep on here chair a minute later and when I got home, she was still snoozing.


Ladybug said...

She has really grown and looks just like you. :D

We're still in the same apt complex, just moving into a four bedroom from our two bedroom. Yes, we're still on housing. It has been a HUGE blessing while we've been in school.

We might be coming to UT this summer for a trip. Maybe we could get together!

Ladybug said...

Did you get the invite to view our new blog? I can send it again if you need it. My old one isn't very good. :P