Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In San Fransisco....March 4 (Friday)

I am in San Fransisco this week! Lindsay and I had the opportunity to come and it ended up being right at the same time as my BIRTHDAY....the big 25! How I love my husband for letting me...encouraging me to come here. Thanks Babe!


Well everything went great with both our flights and finding Lindsay in the airport. I got lots of reading and people watching done while I waited for her plane to arrive.


After I arrived in Oakland and got my bags I settled down to read for a while and then found out I needed to go to a different baggage claim to meet Lindsay. Picture this, a puny girl over loaded with bags....a 50 pound bag filled with food, a duffel bag with clothes and more food (about 35 pounds), a camera bag, laptop, and a carry-on bag for the airplane also carrying apples for a week in San Fran. Good thing I work out.


Here is another funny picture, before walking over to the other baggage claim at the other end of the airport, I of course needed to use the restroom. Hauling my bags with me I was able to maneuver it all into one of the stalls, but then could not, I repeat, could not get out...I can only imagine if they had security cameras in the bathroom...what a show. After about 5 minutes I was free! Then I ventured over to the information desk to find out where to go and the lady said "You poor thing, you look so tired" I agreed that I was "You need to go outside and go down to the Terminal one...it isn't too far. Good luck" Out I went. I decided it was easier to push all my bags in front of me instead of dragging behind. What a sight I am sure I was. I arrived at Terminal one and settled in for more reading. Then a little later went to check the incoming flights, knowing Lindz would soon be arriving as was all ready to wait for her to come down the ramp....when I realized I was wrong. I forgot that California is an hour behind Utah and Idaho time. Funny. One more beautiful hour of reading my book granted. After Lindz did arrive and we both had our precious cargo all situated, we went out to the curb and waited for our shuttle. While waiting, Lindz helped a lady in to the airport that looked as if she had had similar hard day as me....with lots of bags and worn out.

When we boarded our shuttle and headed out...our sweet Grandpa driver discovered that he had no gas so we stopped to get some. But, apparently we can't be in the car while the fill-up is in process. So, he helped us out to the grassy curb. We didn't know quite what was going on at first, but he came and picked us up again when he was done. On to Archstone Apartments, where we had to go up some stairs right out in the open amongst everyone. Thought I would die...not of embarrassment (will maybe a little), but from having to do more maneuvering and hauling. I will be glad when all the food is eaten and no longer present in my bag. A nice gentleman stopped to help...thank goodness. (We later discovered an elevator...solving for future problems).

View from our balcony....from left to right

Inside our cute apartment

Heart Throb

Every dish and utensil is supplied for cooking and eating

A "ready-to-make-for-your-first-night" dinner supplied...YUM!

I am going to LOVE it here!!

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