Friday, February 3, 2012

So Very Sad

Sad story, at least to me. A month ago I pulled out my camera to take pictures of Joey on his birthday. I go to take a picture, hold down the button, and..........nothing happens. I try again and again with no luck. My camera has just decided to quit, ON JOEY'S BIRTHDAY. Not cool. Thankfully I have a little video camera that takes pictures, so we made due, but it is just not the same. Also thankfully, when I purchased my camera I bought the warranty. Good thing.

So to finish the story, after many calls throughout the month to Best Buy to check the status of the repairs and getting no answers, I called again this morning, all ready to use strong words if needed....for it has after all been almost 5 weeks. Seriously. I hardly had to say a thing. The girl on the other line checked the notes and asked me to hold and before I know it I am being told that I get to go get a BRAND NEW camera. Guess they couldn't figure out the problem either.

So so very glad I purchased that warranty or my world would be a very sad place indeed. As soon as possible I will be going to pick up my new camera. So explains my lack of posting lately, not that this will change all that much, but it is my excuse for now.


Linds said...

I guess I understand why you haven't blogged for a month...I forgive you :) Love the PINK! Miss your face! And need a girl's night!
P.S. My blog title was the three little Prigs when it was just me Josh and Skye :)

Emmalie (or fondly Emma) said...

How funny! Now starts the brainstorm. Miss you too. Girls Night is a must...hopefully soon.

Linds said...

You don't need to brainstorm! The name fits your family now, not mine. It's cute. Waiting to see some of those newly taken photos with your new camera.