Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time for some catch-up

I know, I has been FOREVER.  So during the next few posts we will be playing "catch-up" starting in May.  My plan is to work on our family Blog every Sunday, since the weekdays are full of my business photography amongst other things.  We have been going and going all Summer which is so fun, but other things lack...hence FOREVER.


May 1 - Chalk Face


May 5 - Park and Smores with David and Jaci

May 7 - Our Family Picture by Joey (I believe Joey is holding Alex)

May 8 - Cool Hairy Beetle (found on our screen door at night)


May 12 - Meet Mom and Dad Prigmore and Grandma Z at Temple Square to view the sights and have some lunch at the new Salt Lake Mall.


May 20 - Solar Eclipse!!

May 21 - To our River Spot (Alex's first time in water other than the bathtub...he was not a fan at first and was soon ready to hang in the stroller.)

May 23 - "Look Mom! A Jellyfish!!" (Lydia)

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Linds said...

In love with the pictures of the kids and their grandparents! <3