Sunday, October 26, 2014

Backpacking....well, sort of....

September 12, 2014
 A few weeks ago we bought 2 backpacking bags at DI. I figured if we bought them we should use them this year. We paid money for them, lets us them! Thus started the search for somewhere that we could have a fire and would be easy for the kids and not too far. After much research and phone calls with Rangers, I settled on going to Red Pine Lake. The trail head started at (?) Lake up Payson Canyon and would only be about 1.3 miles. Perfect! I gathered up more gear from our willing neighbors, went grocery shopping, bought a water filter as a family, packed out bags, and we were set!
 Well......we arrived at the correct location, Danny parked in the last camping spot...just in case, got everyone outfitted (realized I left my jacket...Danny gave me his), and started searching for our trailhead. First we hiked down to the lake where I was assuming the trailhead would be. Several people were also there fishing, earning ourselves plenty of looks and smiles. Long story short, after having the family sit and wait while I explored for the trailhead about an hour, it could not be found. So, we loaded everyone back up, and hiked back up to the campsite we had thankfully parked at. Thank goodness for Danny following insight. As you can see, he is just tickled by my despair....really the only way to be in a frustrating situation.  Sometimes we need to just enjoy the moment and move on, and have fun anyway.

Really mom?                                                        Not too happy

Laughing it off....I wasn't quite there yet

Our campsite ended up working out really nice. We setup a ways from road and set firepit so it still felt like we where out in the middle of no where. 
At night we cracked some glow sticks to light our path. Snazzy!

Wiffle ball, attacking Daddy, reading stories, card games, and lots of exploration.

At our campsite there were a few small hills. Those coupled with a Frisbee resulted in a newly invented game "Rolling Down the Hill Frisbee" (as I have been told). Hours of giggles and entertainment. We tried "Rolling Up the Hill Frisbee" which was even more hilarious.

Discovery of a hole in the tree/roots that was filled with water. He was so pleased.

 Poker face who won the game

In the morning these little caterpillars started popping up out of nowhere. We ended up bringing about 5 home to see if they would make cocoons and hatch.

Lake we had previously searched around.

Down at the lake sharp eyes discovered loads of these large shells

We had a wonderful time camping and just being together...which was ultimately the whole reason this trip was planned correct? It all turned out for the better, knowing what is too much for the kids and trying all the light backpacking food. It was all in all a incredible experience.

P.S. Later Dad, found the trailhead right next to the bathroom, which means
we will have to go scope it out again next year!

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