Friday, June 26, 2009

Daily Quote

"There are impelling reasons for our sisters to plan toward employment…We want them to obtain all the education and vocational training possible before marriage. If they become widowed or divorced and need to work, we want them to have dignified and rewarding employment. If a sister does not marry, she has every right to engage in a profession that allows her to magnify her talents and gifts.
The employment we choose should be honorable and challenging. Ideally, we need to seek that work to which we are suited by interest, by aptitude, and by training. A person’s work should do more than provide adequate income; it should provide her with a sense of self-worth and be a pleasure-something she looks forward to each day.
May I suggest a definition of 'honorable employment'. Honorable Employment is honest employment. Fair value is given and there is no defrauding cheating, or deceit. Its product or service is of high quality, and the employer, customer, client, or patient receives more than he or she expected. Honorable employment is moral. It involves nothing that would undermine public good or morality. For example, it does not involve traffic in liquor, illicit narcotics, or gambling. Honorable employment is useful. It provides goods for services which make the world a better place in which to live."
–Howard W. Hunter (Prepare for Honorable Employment-Ensign, November, 1975)

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