Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Emmalie's Birthday

March 13, 2013
 I love my Birthday! In fact, Danny teases me that I have a Birthday week and month...drawing it out as long as possible. I don't think he knows what he is talking about.

We had lunch at "The Duck Pond Park" (as we call it) before Joey and Lydia headed off to school. It was a beautiful day and a touch warmer than it has been. Danny took control of the camera for this portion of our day. I love when he does that.

Content to sit, eat, and observe



Getting Braver!

After taking the kids to school, Danny insisted we get Zupas for our lunch. My favorite! Since it was such a beautiful day, we had our own little picnic in the field while Alex had a nap. Serenity.

Danny went to pick up the kiddos from school and was gone for a while. They finally came home bearing gifts. Danny had taken them to a flower store, telling them they could each pick out one. Joey wanted a huge bouquet that was $50. Danny had quite the time talking him out of it. I love each of their selections and that I have such a husband to think of such an idea where he could include them. I am a happy woman.

Lydia's Choice

Joey's Choice

Danny's Choice


Danny also got me a new game! We played Reverse Charades in Idaho a couple weeks ago and I fell in love and of course lots of laughter. Thank you to Lindz for corrupting us. I can't wait to have a game night with our friends.
I had a perfect day! 03/13/13 Fun Date!

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