Monday, September 9, 2013

Mommy-Daughter Date Weekend

Our Weekend started in Orem, lead to Centerville, and on to Salt Lake City. It was fun to just spend some time with Lydia, hearing her stories and chatting just the 2 of us.

Mimi's Cafe for Dinner - March 8, 2013
Dessert first of course


Lydia's Selections

While waiting....

Got to have gravy

After eating dinner at Mimi's Cafe (which Lydia now claims as "our" place), we took some dinner to the boys and headed off the Centerville to stay the night at the Heiner Residence. Lydia was stoked!! Pam and Quinn were on a date, so we relieved Pam's mom (who was babysitting) and got Lydia all situated in bed. We were reading stories when they got home. Lydia loved staying up LATE.

March 9, 2013
We spent the morning with Pam, going out just us girls again. One thing Lydia really wanted to do was go to the Library. So we went to one close the Hiener home where Pam's mom works. We read a few "Fancy Nancy" books (one of our favorite series) and tried out the tricky chairs that make you feel as if you will topple backwards. Then we went to Target to finish off our gift for the Bridal Shower..where we were headed next. On the way Pam told one of her famous stories. Pam asked Lydia if she knew why it was called Target. Lydia wasn't sure. "Well, it is called Target because right when you walk in the doors people are shooting arrows, trying to hit the Target. You have to duck when you first walk in or you will get hit." (This is just the jist of the story). Lydia of course said she didn't believe her, but Pam insisted. With Lydia still in denial we got out of the car and proceeded to walk towards the doors. "Are you ready?" say Pam. The first set of doors opens and Lydia about jumps out of her shoes...she was just a tidbit more nervous than she was leading on. "Not, yet. It is the next set of doors. Get ready!" And of course all of us duck and walk low into Target to shooting arrows. Poor Lydia. We got her all nervous and anxious and on to relief and "I told you so". Silly girl and silly Pam.

Tori's Bridal Shower
After spending the morning with Pam, we headed down the road to Salt Lake City to go to a Bridal Shower for Tori! She is my cousin Kevin's Bride-to-Be. Lydia loved going to a party for only girls and seeing all of the fun things Tori opened.

 Future New Cousin!

One Kiss Per Ribbon Removed

Some of the Hall Ladies

Our Adorable Newest Addition-Thanks to Kimm  :)

More of the Lovely Hall Clan

Tori with her Party Throwers!

Lydia and Mom

Grandma and Grandpa Hall

 Cousins for Life!

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Pam said...

Ah, I'm so glad you shall never forget the Target incident :). Ha, ha, ha, ha! That still makes me laugh whenever I think about it. Such a silly girl! I also loved her coming downstairs to tell us that the "Time is keeping me up!" and then finding her asleep on top of all our pillows :). That girl of yours knows how to get comfortable! I'm particularly happy to know it was as much fun for you as it was for me!