Tuesday, April 15, 2014

December 9-FHE Special Announcement!

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We have been living at our current address for 5 years now...the very longest we have ever lived somewhere as a married couple. For a while now we have been getting the ich to move on, but felt we couldn't leave our callings at church quite yet. New information began to develop about a month ago and so we started some curious looking around just for fun...joking all the while how awesome it would be to give our kids a house for Christmas.  Haha...that would be insane right? Wishful thinking.

Last year for Christmas we switched the kids into our old office. This year, we had been deciding to get rid of the office and give Lydia her own room. We had started preparing for that and even carried a heavy entertainment center (which I got for $10! Bonus!) upstairs as part of the makeover....much to Danny's dismay. TC, one of our very good friends who help the process even said "I hope I am gone before you move" implying he wouldn't have to move it again...and feeding Danny's fire. A week later, I get a call on one of the houses I was looking into. A very long and thankful story short; we are moving at the end of this month and will be in our new home for New Years. Are we crazy? Yes, I do believe so.

We put off telling our kids for a few weeks trying to decide how close to Christmas to tell them...packing up a few boxes in the meantime and stashing them away, but so it wouldn't really be noticed. Ultimately we decided we had better tell them soon since we are going to Idaho for a week for Christmas. Looking at our schedule, we are going to come home on Thursday and move Saturday...Eeeek! Therefore, time to hunker down and pack most everything beforehand.

We decided that Family Home Evening would be the perfect opportunity to share our fun news.

There was much celebration

After discovering their rooms and every room in the house,
we ate dinner while watching Polar Express.

Dancing, running around Daddy, and wrestling during the music credits

We are so excited to get everything packed, go to Idaho for Christmas, 
and come home to move!

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Pam said...

I LOVE these photos! You guys so needed an awesome new place and now you've got it!!! I can't wait to see the new carpet and paint :).