Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hot Chocolate and a Snowman

November 30: Lights and Hot Chocolate at Temple Square
After staying the night and most of the next day at Grandma Z's home we met up with Danny's Aunt Lynn, Uncle Craig and his cousin Lindsay and her family at Temple Square. We looked at some of the lights and got some delicious hot chocolate. Since this was a spur of the moment plan and it had previously been nicer weather, we were not prepared for the chill in the night air. Grandma Z piled us up with sweaters and jackets to keep us cozy. The kids has a lot of fun with their 2nd cousins. It was wonderful to see Lindsay and her family.

December 3: A mound of snow creation
Our artist of the day decided it was time to make a snowman with the tidbit of snow that fell last night. The face is made up of yellow cherry tomato eyes, bell pepper lips, raisin buttons, and of course a baby carrot nose. The snowman is clothed with a hat and mittens provided by David and Jaci in their gift of a "Snowman Bag" last year. Presenting Lydia and her minion.

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