Sunday, May 22, 2011


For Easter we headed off to the Zabriskie Household where a family party was going on. We had Ham and Turkey and all sorts of other dishes. We also watched 2 short videos on Christ and read what Christ did the week before he died and was resurrected. Very neat and interesting. A Wonderful Easter.

Our Beautiful Hostess

Craig * Lynn * Brian * Brook * Jake

Spencer * Tessa

Justin * Brynn * Buck * Robyn * Cody

Oh Grandma (Danny caught this...hehe)

Lydia * Danny * Emmalie * Joey

Silly Faces

Grandma * Grandpa * Lynette

Blowing Kisses

And she's off


Caught taking pictures....


Hug Time!

Making Brynn's Hair Pretty

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Linds said...

Song for sienna is BEAUTIFUL.