Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day all the Dad's got a Candy Bow Tie and a fun "Daddy Quote" card. All the Dad's especially loved the funny card. (Made by yours truly and the rest of the Relief Society Presidency.)

We had Beef Stroganoff, Rolls, Squash, and Beans for dinner. All delicious! Then I gathered up the kids to wrap our presents for Daddy. He got a hat, a movie (Walk the Line...a favorite of his), Leches(pronounced Leeches...he had a version of them on his mission), and a new fruit to try: Dragon Fruit. Joey and Lydia had so much fun giving presents to Daddy and just wanted to keep going.

Waiting so patiently so Mom can take a picture

Can't contain the excitement!

What the heck?

Crazy Fruit

We had to get a picture with Daddy of course...which always leads to tickling. So begins the Giggle Fest.

How we love our Daddy!!!

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