Monday, March 15, 2010

Laura's Last Week before China

This handsome guy is my cousin Eric. He just left on his mission to Peru. These pictures were taken the day before he left for the MTC. Laura and I had finished singing at Legacy House by the Jordan River Temple and decided to stop by our Authie Ruth home. It was great to see everyone.
Eric and Laura

Eric and Emmalie

Laura, Brian (another Cuz), Eric, Emmalie

This is one of my best friends. Her name is also Emily.....Emily Tolman. We used call each ourselves Em&Em, like M&M...haha. She just moved back to Provo so we had her over for a Chick Night. This is us being silly.

Blowing Kisses

Love Laura's Face

My New Do! Taken 2/14/2010

I love my new hair cut and color. I feel like I look more my age and love how the color compliments everything. Lindz, my sister in-law, mixed a few different browns together and for highlights used a color called Paprika which is an orangish, red, brown....just love it! I can't believe I have taken so long to go short. It is so easy to do and Danny likes it because I'm not so worried about getting it messed up and I will shower on a whim. Thanks for making a creation out of my hair Lindz!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ping-Pong Night - Feb. 13

When the Prigmore Fam gets together we like to do things that are fun and entertaining. One night, while visiting over the Valentines weekend, we decided to pull the cars out of the garage and play Ping-Pong. We had lots of fun!

Good times

Just can't get it
Getting the ball again

Need some refreshment?
I can hit it....
Getting Ready Face

Dancing to the tune in Hayden's head

Dancin' to the same tune

Sweet Success!
Danny and Josh
Hayden and Dad

We have a good time

Josh is making the same face....haha

Reading with Grandpa

Valentines Package from Grandma!

My mom always sends a fun package to go with the different holidays and my kids LOVE it...always filled with treats and something fun. For Valentines Day, amoungst other fun, we got I LOVE YOU peeps and lip suckers. I decided the suckers would be best had in the tub.

Joey and Lydia both love to lay in the water together