Monday, July 19, 2010

A Collage of Happiness

Joey and Lydia both love to wash dishes and just playing in water. So I just make sure all sharp or dangerous things are out of the way and let them. I think we had just had pudding.
We hung up this bird feeder a while ago and it took about a week for the birds to realize. This blue jay is a frequent visitor and he knocks a bunch on the ground making it easy pickin' for any other birds. The kids love to watch all of them.
"How am I going to go about this?"

Trying to get some goodness.

I love clover. Makes me think of Thumper.

We still love going to the park once a week to play with Ethan and his Mom. We recently had a little birthday party with a present and popsicles.
Whenever we are at the park, we always have to go across the street and say hello to the horses. Every once in a while they will come to say hello too.

Of course, Ethan needs "help".

A Week later at the park again: There was a huge puddle/mini pond in the grass and all the kids had a GREAT time splashing and running in it. Joey ended up stripping when it started getting serious.

Got to yell as you run...more fun

Getting Serious
Time to finish eating

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Visiting Berg Family in Denver

Danny had the brilliant inspiration the other day that I should sing in Retirement Homes in Denver to pay my way to come and be able to come more often. He is so smart. Therefore, Denver here I come...with the kids, leaving Danny at home for a week to work. We had so much fun and can't wait to go back for the upcoming wedding on July 24th.
"Mormon Mafia" -Robert

Daniel Robert Spencer

Joey was running from as far away as possible to get a good jump and splash. One time he came running from around the corner and he had stripped his swimsuit. When he came running again, he had it back on....silly boy.

This looks kinda funny with such a small pool

"What's happening?" Peeing in the pool

Getting Joey

Joey's hair is getting so LONG

Pretty flower in the frount yard

While in Denver my mom helped me make Lydia a dress. I still need to sew on some buttons for the straps and make button holes, but it sure turned out cute.

Our last night we had smores around the firepit in my parents backyard. It used to be a hot tub, but they filled it all in and covered it with rocks...all part of getting ready to sell the house. It is so nice
Delightful Chocolate, Marshmellow, Grahmness


Learning to cook mallows from Experts
Joey and Uncle Spencer

I hate goodbyes but they always seem to come. It is helpful knowing that we are coming next month for David and Jaci's wedding.
Morning Good-bye to Pappy

Throwing a fit on the Airport Floor

Me and Mommsa

With my Bros (minus David)
Boarding the plane
Riding the Airplane

Twizzler Teeth