Sunday, April 21, 2013

End of February 2013

 February 14: Valentine's Day!
I woke up early this morning to finish up some things for Lydia's class party. Lydia woke up before the boys also and came in, eager help me. We worked on heart bean bags, "Pin the Lips on Miss Valentine", and her valentines to hand out. Later in the morning, Danny surprised both of us with a Heart Breakfast. Delightful and a nice surprise.

We decided Butterflies would be fun for Lydia's Valentines

 For Joey, I had some fun Valentine's that had facts about animals

 Joey and Lydia with their spoils from their classmates

 February 16: We went up to Idaho for Valentine's weekend and so did the rest of the Prigmore Clan. The cousins were all so excited to see each other. Such a crazy and fun houseful. The following pictures are from our Valentine exchange.

"Let me OUT!!"

Uncle Josh to the Rescue!

That's right...admire me

February 21: We have all been so sick this winter. Just one thing after another. We finally got a note from the Elementary School for both Joey and Lydia letting us know they had missed too many days and we now required a doctor's note anytime either missed school. Hassle. This week, Lydia is recovering from a massive ear infection on both sides, Alex had a rash all over his body, and we were concerned Joey had pink eye. Turned out not to be so...just more of the body getting our attention that something is up and to pay heed. Oh our poor children.

February 25: Alex discovered climbing onto the table today...what fun. He pulled one of our small yellow chairs over to the bench to create a form of stairs for himself.  He couldn't have been more pleased. I am afraid we have yet another dare devil on our hands.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Beginning of February 2013

Lydia's teacher gave me a call the other day, mentioning that Lydia's HALF Birthday was going to be on the 6th of this month. Since Lydia's Birthday is in the summer, she was wondering if I wanted to celebrate Lydia's Birthday with her class on her half Birthday. I, of course, obliged. So we set to work making a poster all about Lydia to display in her classroom. This is a picture Lydia took of her family.

Lydia instructed us to be zombies

Smile!....hard at work destroying snow piles.

February 6: Lydia's HALF Birthday
We went and picked out "cute" cupcakes last night. Lydia new just what she wanted. When she came down the stairs this morning, she was all sorts of fancy...wanting to look especially nice today. She insisted we paint  her nails red to match. Such a little Princess.

Lydia got to be the Line Leader and Top Helper all during class. She loves to be in charge.

Showing off the things she brought from home to tell about herself.

Lydia got bubbles from her teacher. While the kids waited for their parents, Lydia blew bubbles to all her friends to pop. I have seen such a good change in her since she started Pre-School.

When we got home from school, we found a Valentines Package from Grandma Berg!

Painting magnets from our package

February 7: 100 Days of School
We created sculptures with 100 marshmallows to take to school

*Lydia's Rapunzel Castle*

*Joey's Bear Cave*

Silly Faces

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

January 2013

December 31-January 1: On New Years Eve all of us were sick except for Joey. It was a very boring day and I was feeling bad for him...especially on such an exciting day. As nighttime approached, our neighbor called see if Joey wanted to come spend New Years with their son Dougie.  Much excitement! When he got home just after midnight he told us how they jumped on the beds and watched movies and played games and just had so much fun.  We are so grateful to our neighbors for thinking of him.

January 4: Happy Birthday to Joey!!!

 Blues and Greens and Dinosaurs!

Joey decided he wanted to have pie like Daddy always does on his birthday.  
The choices: Chocolate Cream and Lemon Meringue Pie

 Uncle David, Aunt Jaci, and Baby Hailey

Yummy Pies*************************************Phone Birthday Wishes


It was so fun to have David and Jaci and Baby Hailey with us!

January 5: First time having pudding

All of January Joey's name was displayed with other students for his "Pawing" to Praise Award

Then, Lydia received the Character Award for Generosity! I was so pleased to have both of my kiddos be awarded for the good they do about the same time. It was fun to see both of their names in the January Newsletter this month. So so proud.

January 20: Just too exhausted from church

January 21: Alex started going stacking crazy

January 31: Alex begins to be more....adventurous