Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finishing Up August

August 14th
Joey and Lydia were having a blast rocking in our Bannana Chair. Crazy kids
On August 16th we said "Goodbye" to Buddy. We can't have him where we are living, so we decided to find him a new home before we were discovered and kicked out. It was a very emotional day...but this little boy was so happy. (His dog had been hit by a car earlier that day).
August 20th
My creative boy

Lydia loves coloring

Headed off to Grandma's High School Reunion....lookin' Sharp!
August 26th
Mariah asked me to do a mini photo shoot of her and Ethan (her son). She wanted new pictures to give to her sister and nieces that were coming to visit

Best Buddies
My little monkey

Always Happy

August 27
We had a combo birthday party for Danny and Anniversary Party for Grandma and Grandpa Z. We decided to have pie for our dessert. Delicious. It was fun to see lots of family....especially our new cousin Jake (son of Brooke and Brian).

Jake and Cody

Lydia was dragging Grandpa everywhere. Very Cute. Poor Grandpa.
We gave the background pic to Grandma and Grandpa for their Anniversary.
August 30th
Joey is building proud of his tower

August 31st
Danny/Daddy's Birthday!!
Helping open presents

New Hammock
Happy Breakfast
Tomato Nose, Egg Eyes, Toast Smile


Monday, September 27, 2010

FLAMING GORGE * August 9-13

Map of Flaming Gorge-90 something miles long

Beautiful View



Playing games and eating chips with Salsa


Grandma Di

Emmalie getting helpful hints
Daddy and Joey

Feeding the fish below

We caught a crab! (Thanks Grandpa)
At Vernal Dinosaur Museum

Vernal Temple

If you want to see more pictures from out Flaming Gorge trip, look on Emmalie's facebook page. Enjoy!