Sunday, August 19, 2012

May 31 - Lunch date with an old friend

Then  Taken May 1990 (Thanks Mom!)
This is Angela Dunn. We used to live in New York together when our dads were both attending Cornell University about 22 years ago. She is now a Food Scientist working in Twin Falls, Idaho....which means when we visit Danny's family, I am super close by. So we met up at Cafe Rio during her lunch break.  It was so fun to chat and exchange stories.  Got to do that again. 
Now 22 Years Later

May 29 - Helping with Great Grandparent Prigmore's Yard

Grandma's Beautiful Flowers

Resting the eyes with Aunt Lindz

Bug Nets

 Lookout Skye!

Our Hard Worker     Joey is always so eager to help out. Such a stud.

Father and son laying down a GIANT piece of plastic to help prevent weeds
                                                                                                        Can you see the similarities?

May 28 - A Fun Day at the Park

 Lydia                                                               Hadie

Maddax and Joey                                    Cyrie

The Boys       Skye * Joey * Maddax

Our Little Monkey, Lydia     She went so high in the tree and had no problem coming down.

 Having a sad moment

 Our family is FULL of monkeys

 Cyrie                                             Lydia and Maddax

 Can you see the butterfly?

 Lindz, always the tease
 Brit Burrito
Conversations with Grandpa
 Obsessed with Soccer