Friday, April 18, 2014

December 11-Spencer to the MTC

My youngest brother and sibling is headed off on his Mission. He was called to serve 2 years in Brazil, but with the delay of his Visa, will be starting in Texas. Jaci, Hailey, and Laura picked him up from the airport this morning and then they all drove to our house.

Danny said good-bye before heading off to school

Spencer wanted to have lunch at In-And-Our Burger before heading over.
There were about 5 other missionaries with their families as well. So cool to see.

Spencer was very anxious to be at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) right at the first moment they would allow. Therefore we snuck some pictures in very quickly 
so he could get over there right away.

I am so proud of my baby brother. He is going to be an incredible missionary.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

December 9-FHE Special Announcement!

*Post in Progress*
We have been living at our current address for 5 years now...the very longest we have ever lived somewhere as a married couple. For a while now we have been getting the ich to move on, but felt we couldn't leave our callings at church quite yet. New information began to develop about a month ago and so we started some curious looking around just for fun...joking all the while how awesome it would be to give our kids a house for Christmas.  Haha...that would be insane right? Wishful thinking.

Last year for Christmas we switched the kids into our old office. This year, we had been deciding to get rid of the office and give Lydia her own room. We had started preparing for that and even carried a heavy entertainment center (which I got for $10! Bonus!) upstairs as part of the makeover....much to Danny's dismay. TC, one of our very good friends who help the process even said "I hope I am gone before you move" implying he wouldn't have to move it again...and feeding Danny's fire. A week later, I get a call on one of the houses I was looking into. A very long and thankful story short; we are moving at the end of this month and will be in our new home for New Years. Are we crazy? Yes, I do believe so.

We put off telling our kids for a few weeks trying to decide how close to Christmas to tell them...packing up a few boxes in the meantime and stashing them away, but so it wouldn't really be noticed. Ultimately we decided we had better tell them soon since we are going to Idaho for a week for Christmas. Looking at our schedule, we are going to come home on Thursday and move Saturday...Eeeek! Therefore, time to hunker down and pack most everything beforehand.

We decided that Family Home Evening would be the perfect opportunity to share our fun news.

There was much celebration

After discovering their rooms and every room in the house,
we ate dinner while watching Polar Express.

Dancing, running around Daddy, and wrestling during the music credits

We are so excited to get everything packed, go to Idaho for Christmas, 
and come home to move!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hot Chocolate and a Snowman

November 30: Lights and Hot Chocolate at Temple Square
After staying the night and most of the next day at Grandma Z's home we met up with Danny's Aunt Lynn, Uncle Craig and his cousin Lindsay and her family at Temple Square. We looked at some of the lights and got some delicious hot chocolate. Since this was a spur of the moment plan and it had previously been nicer weather, we were not prepared for the chill in the night air. Grandma Z piled us up with sweaters and jackets to keep us cozy. The kids has a lot of fun with their 2nd cousins. It was wonderful to see Lindsay and her family.

December 3: A mound of snow creation
Our artist of the day decided it was time to make a snowman with the tidbit of snow that fell last night. The face is made up of yellow cherry tomato eyes, bell pepper lips, raisin buttons, and of course a baby carrot nose. The snowman is clothed with a hat and mittens provided by David and Jaci in their gift of a "Snowman Bag" last year. Presenting Lydia and her minion.

November 29-Thanksgiving in Logan

Grandma and Grandpa Berg always hold their Thanksgiving Feast on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving so everyone who is able can come. This year just us 2 girls went to join the fun while the boys went to Grandma Z's house to be with Hayden who returned home from his mission to Texas on Wednesday! Divide and conquer.

Berg and Extended Family...ever growing!

Ron and his family

Andy and his family

Lydia really wanted to get a picture with Ron.
She was a little nervous but she did it.

Me and Ron: Lifetime Buddies
7 years ago Ron was diagnosed with brain cancer and they only gave him a few months to live. He fought hard and is still with us today. He has gotten married and had 2 of which is still with us. Very recently we found out that the cancer has come back. It is at Stage 3 and very aggressive. In this picture Ron is holding a book of letters and pictures from all of us, put together by Grandma Berg and Aunt Karen. Its purpose is to help Ron through the hard days ahead. He is getting ready to start treatments again and we are all praying that what needs to happen will...and hoping for the best. 

I have always said that Ron is my favorite cousin. I love all of my cousins dearly but Ron and I have always had a special connection. I am so thankful that I was able to come see him today.

We played a 3 round game of charades where each round you do something different to guess (some rounds you act and some you describe) but always had the same set of names.
Here is some of the funniness:

It was so wonderful to see everyone. There were many that I haven't seen for a few years. 
Such a great day.

As a back story: The past few days a stomach bug has been tearing through our little family. Most of us have gotten it and gotten over it. Lydia however started not feeling quite well earlier this morning. I gave her the option to stay with the boys who would be playing at the park and such or to come with me where we would just be sitting and chatting. She decided to come with me to Logan...and I am so glad. She seemed okay all during our feast, not really eating to much, but that is normal for her. While things were finishing getting cleaned up we went out to the car to get ready to go and started chatting with Mom and my siblings. Lydia all of a sudden said she needed to get out, so we quickly left the car and started walking to the bushes where she lost it. My poor girl. David, Laura, Spencer, Lydia and I soon left to go hang out at David and Jaci's home to play games (Jaci was having Thanksgiving with some of here family in Salt Lake), but first stopping at the store to get saltines and soda. After playing some games and everyone regrouping and Jaci coming home with Hailey; we decided to go out to dinner at Olive Garden. Lydia still wasn't feeling very well and I was exhausted from being up with kids so we stayed behind and watched Wreck-It Ralph (or more Lydia watched and I conked out). She lost it a couple more times before everyone came home and then we said our goodbyes to David and Jaci and Hailey and got in the car to head back to Grandma and Grandpa Berg's home to sleep for the night. I had been trying to decide whether to stay the night as well or head back to our boys. I didn't know if Lydia would be able to hold herself in for that long. I had decided to go ahead and stay the night so she would be okay, but she feel asleep almost instantly. I changed my plans, called Mom and Dad who pulled over to say good-bye, and started the drive back to Grandma Z's. We got there fine with no incident and Lydia woke up the next morning back to normal. Thank the stars. 
Life is always an exciting adventure. I am so glad Lydia came with me.