Monday, October 27, 2014

Family Home Evening with the Duck Family

 September 25, 2014
 Several months ago we met some friends at a park in Provo to pick Blackberries. I immediately fell in love with this spot and intend on frequenting often. I love how quiet it is and hardly any people. Plus, it has its own little duck pond. For dinner we packed up a picnic and drove over for Family Home Evening. The ducks were all very friendly.

 Some of the ducks were brave enough to take the bread right from us

A little bit nervous about getting bit

While feeding the ducks, I reached for more chips and found them missing. Looking over towards the playground I saw that they had been claimed by a very willing toddler.

 Working hard at her spinning wheel

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scary and Cool

September 22, 2014
While cleaning out our daughter's closet I found an unwanted guest. Granted, I have never seen a Black Widow before face to face and I have always wanted to, but I am not too much of a fan of one being somewhere my kids often play. So very glad we captured this little Miss before misfortune hit. Completly fasinated with her shape and coloring. 
Coolest spider I have ever seen!
 We have since purchased a Bug Bomb to kill any other lingering unwanted guest. 
Now to find when we can be gone for several hours.

Future Photographer

September 21, 2014
Got a few surprises on my camera today.

Soccor Stud!

September 20, 2014
We were finally able to put our practicing soccer star on a team this year. He has learned a lot and has been having a wonderful time. This weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Prigmore came out to visit and to watch him play. Talk about motivation! Our stud made 5 goals!!!! 
Proud, proud, proud!

Always encouraging his teammates

He's coming down the field with #3 ready to block

He maneuvers past him....

....Picks up speed....

....Shoots for the goal....

...And with just the right amount of spin.......Goal!!!!!!!!!!

 Another VICTORY!

A very proud Grandpa and Grandma

After a very successful game we headed to Wendy's to celebrate! 
Our victor got himself a well deserved Vanilla Frosty.