Wednesday, February 27, 2013

December 2012

At the beginning of December we decided we wanted to have a "Service Tree" to help us remember to be like Jesus. Everyday we would tell what service we had done and write it on an ornament. The kids went crazy with it and recognized so many things as service that we just take for granted.  A definite "do again".
Here are some of the "Services" we recorded

 December 14 - Our cute girl singing with the other Primary children during our Branch Christmas Party. She was so proud to be up on the stage. (Our boys were all home sick...girl's night out). Santa came at the end and she made sure to ask Santa for another candy cane for her brothers. So sweet.

 December 18 - It started snowing this morning...big soft flakes. Beautiful! Since everyone was in school for the morning and we go in the afternoon, we got to stomp out the first tracks. So perfect.  While Danny and the kiddos were building a snowman, I set up the tripod (Thanks to Jenn for letting me borrow) and camera and called the family over.  
Presenting our new family picture!

December 19 - We received a letter in the mail earlier this month telling us that Joey would be honored at an upcoming assembly at school. He would be receiving the "Pawsing to Praise" award in the morning ceremonies. Later that day the afternoon classes got to put on an assembly also, preforming songs that they had been working on in their classrooms.

Preforming "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" with her Preschool class

Preforming "Up On the Housetop" with his Kindergarten Class
(needless to say...we were beaming parents)

Dinnertime on December 19 - Split Pea Soup. Yum.

December 21 - We visited Temple Square with Grandma and Grandpa and some of our cousins.  So beautiful.
 Warming up with some delicious Hot Chocolate
 Favorite past-time: jumping into any picture being taken...making the ladies smile.
 How she adores her daddy
 On our way back to the car after seeing the lights we were headed through Macy's when we spotted a station for writing letters to Santa! And a mailbox to send them off.  So perfect since we hadn't written him yet.
Wants an Angry Birds Bank and Game

 Wants a Pink Piggy Bank (been on her list for months)  

December 22 - After staying overnight at Grandma Z's with our cousins and spending most of the day we headed on to Salt Lake where the Annual Hall Family Christmas Party was taking place. The night consisted of lots of good food and conversation and, of course, a visit from Santa! Finally our youngest got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time. No tears, but a little unsure. Santa passed out presents to everyone. We all got the beloved box of cereal that is our family tradition and each married couple got a box of chocolates with a special surprise inside. Every year Grandma also works on a project (made from Plastic Canvas and yarn) to give all the young Great-Grandchildren.  This year each family received a Noah's Arc complete with many animals and Noah with his wife. What a treasure. We are still loving it.  It was fun to see so much of my family that I haven't seen for a while, including my brother and his cute family that came up from Logan to join the party. How I love family parties!

December 23 - Back to Grandma Z's after Church for another family Christmas party. This time an unplanned Santa arrived in perfect timing.
Grandma Z decided to start passing down her teacups and cars to her grandchildren. What a wonderful treasure and perfect gift for Christmas. The girls had fun having a "spot-of-tea" with Great Grandma.
 Pulling himself up to furniture now. So big.

December 24 - Christmas Eve
Time to Prepare for Santa to Arrive!!

 Reindeer Food with Sparkles to show the Reindeer where to land (given as a gift from our kindergarten teacher). It reads: "Sprinkle this reindeer food outside tonight. The moonlight will make it sparkle bright. As the reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home." Love it.
Teamwork - Setting out a snack for Santa AND his reindeer
Everyone is sleeping downstairs tonight with the lit-up Christmas tree. Can't wait til morning.

December 25 - Christmas Morning!

The present I was most excited about that Danny gave me, is a Ticket Stub Book/Journal!  I have been collecting stubs forever and I am so excited to have something to keep them ORGANIZED in. Plus inside are tickets to go see "Les Miserables"! Another shot of excitement.  We are going tomorrow!

Our little guy loved opening presents.  He has to have someone there right with him to hand the scraps of paper he tears off. Adorable.

Opening "How to Get INTO Debt". So hilarious.

What a good day. But it's not over yet...............

 They are SO pleased! Time to hang up posters, curtains, and so on.

Danny and I stayed up all night switching the kids old room with the office and building a fort..."All in one night you say"? Oh my yes.  What an undertaking. Their new room (that they now all share) is amazing and there is so much space! The office on the other going to need a bit more "Tender Loving Care"

Oh dear. Come to me motivation.