Wednesday, February 5, 2014

November 28-Thanksgiving at Our House!

All of the siblings/spouses, minus one on a mission in Russia, and Mom and Dad on the Berg side, came to our home for Thanksgiving this year. Mom and Spencer came a few days early, driving half way one day and half the other due to a painful blood clot in Mom's leg. I am so glad they were able to make it. Dad flew in Wednesday Night while David and Jaci's family came Thursday morning. The women worked hard in the kitchen while the men gladly took all the little youngsters outside to play. It was fun to have so many different kinds of foods. I requested that Laura and Jaci and I all try something new.....experiment. Everything turned out great!!! I love when we are all able to pitch in and make such a huge meal, less work and more fun.

Danny and I have always wanted to try basting a turkey to see
 if it would be more tender and less dry. 2 days later...perfection. 
I think I will definitely use less butter next time though. Goodbye 6 sticks!

A side note on the Figs wrapped with Bacon brought to us by Laura: We thought they looked like little rabbit hearts and teased the kids as such. They were so grossed out the Aunt Laura would bring such a thing. Our Eldest Son decided to be brave and give them a try.
 "Ummm...these are good! I can even taste the blood!" Whose kid is that? 
While our princess, continued to refuse and never tasted the heavenly "Rabbit Hearts".
                       Shrimp Dip (Mommsa)                              Savory Yam and Potato Dish (New Recipe)

                         Basted Apple Turkey                                        Regular and Orange Rolls (Jaci)

   Rabbit Hearts/Fig Wrapped Bacon (Laura)    Msh Potat, Broc, Stufng, Swt Potat, Cran Sauce

Homemade Cranberry Sauce                                             Sausage Potstickers (Laura)  

Game Time before Pie...while Dad shreds the Turkey 

Pie Time!
You can never have too many varieties of pies and flavors. This Thanksgiving our consisted of: Pumpkin Cheesecake, Blueberry (David), Raspberry Jello/Pretzel, Chocolate Suicide (David), Pumpkin, Cherry, Strawberry Cream. All so scrumptious!

Our princess was embarrassed by all the silliness

Ooooo!!! I want that one!

Time to say Goodbye.....until tomorrow!