Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary! (March 26th)

We went to Cafe Rio for dinner....sooo delicious and then on to Nickle-Cade to video game it up. We ended up staying longer than planned, oops. Sorry to our sitters the Rasmussens. I killed Danny in Air Hockey. Haha!! Perfect, fun evening.

Yes, I know this is stunning. Here is the story behind this beautifulness: I had been breaking out like crazy so I figured it would be good to keep my bangs off my forehead for a day. So after I showered I slipped in a headband pushing back my bangs. I knew I wasn't going anywhere and wouldn't be seeing anyone other than my own family. Perfect day for such a style. Well later in the night we had a knock on the door and I answered as usual. There stood the missionaries and I of course issued them inside. A few minutes later, I realized/remembered my appearance...oh dear. Those poor elders. Danny laughed forever afterwards. Embarrassing.

April 12th - Lydia got into my lipstick this morning....Joey urgently came and told me so. He is such a "mother hen" as Danny puts it. She did much better than last time, where the lipstick was just all over here face.

She is getting it down.

Joey is always trying to get Lydia to dance with him.

She only agrees once in a while.

Dancing typically leads to chasing
And then a sword fight....crazy kids. They know how to have a good time.

April 16th - In Idaho for Hayden's JIVE concert

Popsicles with the cousins


Joey (hurt his leg on the tramp and was hurting the rest of the day)


Lydia (I know I am cute...just tell me)


Hadie....So Adorable

Hadie with Grandma

Hadie and Brin

Skye and Lydia

We could not keep coats on these boys, not to mention shirts

Danny and I took turns going to Hayden's JIVE on different nights so that the kids would be taken care of. It was so so much fun. What was perfect, was that there weren't any sections that were boring or cringing make it all very enjoyable. Wonderful evening!

I took videos from this evening but can't get it to load on here thus far.

A work in progress.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Doorway Puppet Show!

I have been collecting puppets for quite some time now with the intention of someday making a puppet stage. Well, the other day while waiting for my car's oil change to be complete, I was looking through magazines. In one (sorry I can't remember which...maybe Family Fun) I found a brilliant easy idea and now we have our stage.

All it is, is 2 tension rods and 2 sets of pillow cases.

All you have to do is make a little slit in the closed end of your pillowcase, on either side. This is for the tension rod to go through. Then hang each set on their separate rods and lengthen to your desired width.

Hang up your curtained rods at different heights in a doorway or hallway and let your little ones' imaginations' explode!

So Easy and So Fun!!

San Fransisco at a Standstill

So I know how you have been loving all the San Fransisco Pictures, but when editing the next days to come last week I realized I had some missing pictures and I have been trying to find that card....therefore we are at a standstill for a little while in that field. As soon as the Coit Tower Pics are found they will continue. Sorry for the delay.