Sunday, December 1, 2013

Novermber 16, 2013 - Master of 2!!!

We celebrated a fun filled Birthday today. Can't believe our little guy has hit the fun age of 2. We packed our day with many things that he loves. We even had Grandma Prigmore and Aunt Brit and Uncle Luke and Family in town to party half of our day with us.
Bubble Bath with some Friends



 Watching Little Snow Flurries

Morning Snack of Yogurt and Granola

Birthday Package from Grandma Berg (More BALLOONS!)

 Birthday Pancakes
(We have a little "Blowing out the Candles" Pro)

Watching a movie
(Got to have a pillow and his favorite blanket)

Uncle Luke and son came up from Idaho to go to a Football game with Danny and our Ninja. While they partied in the snow, we got packed up and headed over to Grandma Z's house to prepare a Birthday Party with the Ladies. We didn't want our men to miss the party so as soon as they got back we chowed down on Veggie Tacos (so delicious) and  moved on to presents and cake. Our young boys were worried about missing the party and so relieved we had waited.
After a Long Wait....Finally Opening Presents
(He loved everything he got and continues the tradition of handing each piece of wrapping paper torn off to willing hands. Silly boy)

(Our little mister picked out a yellow cake with Chocolate Frosting and Sprinkles)

Our party guests each get to blow out a candle too!

Having a Good Time


Soon to Come