Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Embarassing

I just have to share something that I did or I guess didn't do yesterday. I had tons of errands to run yesterday. I went to a retirement home to make sure I had everything I needed for today to sing and then I went to the Library to print of songs and prepare for my Enrichment Commitee Meeting (where I got a couple of strange looks and I wondered what the problem was). Then it was getting too late to fix dinner in time to get to my meeting so I picked up a pizza from Papa Murphy's. A full day! On my way home from all my busy-ness, I looked in my car mirror and realized that I had only put on one hoop earring....silly me.


Linds said...

Been there. Now I just buy earing that are mismatched. It works better that way.

Linds said...

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