Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ping-Pong Night - Feb. 13

When the Prigmore Fam gets together we like to do things that are fun and entertaining. One night, while visiting over the Valentines weekend, we decided to pull the cars out of the garage and play Ping-Pong. We had lots of fun!

Good times

Just can't get it
Getting the ball again

Need some refreshment?
I can hit it....
Getting Ready Face

Dancing to the tune in Hayden's head

Dancin' to the same tune

Sweet Success!
Danny and Josh
Hayden and Dad

We have a good time

Josh is making the same face....haha

Reading with Grandpa


Anonymous said...

looks fun i love ping-pong! ps your hair cut is really cute!

Linds said...

:) FUNNESS! I haven't played since I was was fun! And I still think we need to play by the tennis rules (so dad cant win).