Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend at G&G Zabriskie

Beautiful Gerber Daisy's for the table

Yum, yum!
Working hard on the ham

When we finished getting everything ready for dinner and got the ham in the oven, we headed upstairs to watch Sunday morning conference. Then between sessions, Buck and Robyn's family arrived and we ate the delicious banquet.
After eating ....we headed upstairs to watch the last session of conference. When conference was all done, we gathered Joey, Brin, and Lydia downstairs to eat cake and do an Easter Egg hunt. They has so much fun. Joey now had the hang of it and Lydia was satisfied just to get a couple and snack on the goodies inside.

Lydia's Easter Present

Joey's Easter Present

Finding the LAST egg...took some time to find

Brinn and her finds
Pushing the stroller together
After the hunt I hurried the kids outside to take advantage of what sunshinse was left. They love to be outside running around on the hills and throwing pinecones.
Looks like she's singing

Airplane? Could see with all the clouds.
My little discovery...

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