Wednesday, June 23, 2010

David and Jaci Visiting

Well, my brother David is getting married 1 month from today!!! I am so very excited. He is next in line after me, then comes my sister Laura who is in China, then Robert (just got his mission call to Equador leaving August 11). Next comes Daniel (a senior this year) and Spencer, my youngest brother turning 15 in September....oh man or is it 16 this year. I think he is turning 16 because we are only 8 years apart.....correct me someone if I am wrong.
Any-who...David is engaged to Jaci Hodson and they are getting married July 24, 2010. They came to visit all the family in Utah about a month or 2 ago and we were the first stop. I asked to take their Engagment Pictures and we had so much fun! Here you have it...a few of my favorites.

While David and Jaci were visiting in Utah, they went and met all the family on both sides. Talk about alot of names to remember. First up was Grandma and Grandpa Hall and Family. Afterwards we looked and their picture wall and Jaci was able to name just about EVERYONE. I was impressed.


Brittney said...

Jaci is so cute!! Tell David congrats! You take great pictures by the way!! I wish we knew about yours and Lindsays photography talents when I got married!!

Jenna and Drew said...

I'm so excited for David! His wife to be is gorgeous and they look so cute together! I love the pictures, good job on them.

Linds said...

The engagements turned out PERFECTLY ADORABLE! I'm so glad you got a fantastic camera now! You deserve it! Enjoy! And Loves!