Monday, July 19, 2010

A Collage of Happiness

Joey and Lydia both love to wash dishes and just playing in water. So I just make sure all sharp or dangerous things are out of the way and let them. I think we had just had pudding.
We hung up this bird feeder a while ago and it took about a week for the birds to realize. This blue jay is a frequent visitor and he knocks a bunch on the ground making it easy pickin' for any other birds. The kids love to watch all of them.
"How am I going to go about this?"

Trying to get some goodness.

I love clover. Makes me think of Thumper.

We still love going to the park once a week to play with Ethan and his Mom. We recently had a little birthday party with a present and popsicles.
Whenever we are at the park, we always have to go across the street and say hello to the horses. Every once in a while they will come to say hello too.

Of course, Ethan needs "help".

A Week later at the park again: There was a huge puddle/mini pond in the grass and all the kids had a GREAT time splashing and running in it. Joey ended up stripping when it started getting serious.

Got to yell as you run...more fun

Getting Serious
Time to finish eating

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Linds said...

SERIOUSLY cute! I love Joey splashing!