Sunday, October 3, 2010

September Starting Out

September 3rd
At the beginning of September, we visited Idaho to attend the fair. It is a family tradition to go every year around Danny's Birthday. We saw lots of different animals and ate the yummy fair food. Danny and I even saw some old friends from when we lived in Idaho Falls. Got to love the fair.

I was trying to capture the heart they were making (with Heads)

Chewing Gum Balls

Coming Joe?
Simply Gorgeous

Biker Babe

Another Biker Babe
Riding Together....Lydia, not so sure about Joey's driving


Lydia was sad she wasn't flying too

Getting Joey

Quite the Show!

September 4th
The next day we went to Nat Soo Pah (don't really know how it is spelled). It is a Hot Spring Pool with a big water slide and diving boards. Joey and Lydia both went down with Daddy or Grandpa, and Joey even went down several times alone. Grandma went down the slide just as much as Joey. She was fun to watch. Joey also of course went off the diving board, both the regular AND the high dive. I am a proud Momma. Lydia stuck with Momma, just swimming and swimming.

September 6th
We went to a nearby park to play and eat lunch. It was nice for the kids to just run around and be wild.

Major Static
Skye helping Cyrie get some water

Walkin' Cool

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