Friday, April 29, 2011

Doorway Puppet Show!

I have been collecting puppets for quite some time now with the intention of someday making a puppet stage. Well, the other day while waiting for my car's oil change to be complete, I was looking through magazines. In one (sorry I can't remember which...maybe Family Fun) I found a brilliant easy idea and now we have our stage.

All it is, is 2 tension rods and 2 sets of pillow cases.

All you have to do is make a little slit in the closed end of your pillowcase, on either side. This is for the tension rod to go through. Then hang each set on their separate rods and lengthen to your desired width.

Hang up your curtained rods at different heights in a doorway or hallway and let your little ones' imaginations' explode!

So Easy and So Fun!!

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Linds said...

Okay! These are brilliant! What a fun FHE night idea! We do plays all the time for FHE like acting out david and Goliath with marshmellows or Samuel with bow and arrows. It'd be fun to make paper figures and have them act out! So cute!