Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Little Science Experiment : Brace Yourselves

So I bought some tomatoes a couple weeks ago from Winco or Walmart...can't remember which. They weren't quite ripe yet so I put them on my window sill to do so. When I went to use them a few days later I noticed some raised bumps near the surface. Unsure of what this could be I decided to refrain from using them and see what would happen.

Checking a couple days later I noticed what looked like a worm under the surface. And the 2 other tomatoes I had bought were starting to get bumps as well.

More wormy looking things began to appear, and I got really nervous, but so glad I hadn't eaten these tomatoes. Actually when I first saw worms I couldn't sleep that night and Danny started getting worried that they would burst out and eat our brains while we were sleeping. While in Idaho this past week I was asked Diane and Lindz about it. Di has a lady that said she wouldn't be surprised if they were from Mexico. She went on to say, to try and only buy produce from the USA, but never from Mexico. Therefore, I have decided to never again to buy produce from there. Feeling a little better, that these tomatoes could only be from Mexico since things were growing inside...I took a look at the sticker and the pictures on my camera.

Bad news, these tomatoes were indeed grown in the USA and in California non-the-less. Feeling even more disturbed.

I had intended on bringing my nasty tomato with me to Idaho to show off but had forgotten it. Therefore I just had the pictures on my camera. I couldn't wait (sort of) to get home and see what was going on with my little science experiment.
Time for a rush of air full of relief....check out what these little wormy things really were, that had indeed busted out of the tomato skin.

Have you ever seen or heard of a sprouting tomato? So weird. Just like a potato.
Well that was a fun, disturbing, relieving science experiment. So glad it has a happy ending.
Yes, you can breathe easy now.


Linds said...

I held my breath the WHOLE time I read this. I'm still a little disturbed. But sprouting is OH SO MUCH BETTER than worms. awwww...I'm breathing now.

Brittney said...

Seriously!! I was so nervous the whole time I read this!!! Just glad you weren't eating worms!!

Pam said...

So, I'm just curious, couldn't you have planted it? You'd have a nice indoor tomato plant--maybe. Or maybe it would have been some odd mutant fruit vegetable thing...perhaps it was wise not to throw it out.