Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Festival and a "Tea" Party

November 22 - Utah Valley University Family Festival
UVU put on a Festival to teach kids more about money and investing and attending college. They earn more "bucks" by going to different stations and even were able to put some in the "bank" that doubled its value if you left it there for 20 minutes. There were many fun things for the kids to do and a few snacks for them to purchase all with the use of their "money". It was a fun evening.

Getting all "dolled up"

Dramatic Entrance

Hangin' in the castle                            Fist Pump and Web Shooting

Story Time with a princess

Listening to her own personal story from Snow White

 Helping Spiderman cleanup

Always ready to battle any willing opponent  

2 of our friends ended up being at the UVU Festival at the same time. Too much fun!

November 24 - For Fun 
Our little party planner has been wanting to make Homemade Lemonade for forever. After delivering a "Thank You" pie to our friends for helping us move a new entertainment center into our house (which I bought for $10...sweet!) and acquiring a nice bouquet of flowers from one of my for-mentioned friend's flower arranging classes, I decided today was the day and we would have a "Tea" Party. Doll-face was more than thrilled. I had previously purchased a bag of lemons to juice so we were set. I love when everything comes together to make your planning even more great. We peeled about 8 lemons, juiced them in my fancy-smansy juicer, and added plenty of water and sugar to taste. Doll-face insisted that we had to add mint leaves, because she had seen it in her show Max and Ruby. Thankfully we had plenty growing outside, so off we went in search of mint. All in all a fun way to have lunch (no this is not all we had...just a sampling. I promise I feed my family more than cheese toast and grapes with Lemonade.)

I happened to find some fortune cookies in our storage room.
Thought they would be a fun addition.
Turned out I bought them quite a while ago....not so tasty anymore. 
Bluck! But fortunes are always fun.  *Wink*

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