Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day Week *September 1 - 7*

September 1st-Joey decided he wanted to go swimming with his clothes on.

September 2nd-At the Zabriskie Swimming Pool. Grandma Z got in the Pool TOO!

September 4th-Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs

There was a water slide the Skye, Joey, and Lydia all went down with assorted Aunts and Uncles and of course Grandpa. Joey's favorite to go down with was Josh because they would go really fast! Joey also wanted to go off the diving board and would scream right before jumping off. Skye was scared of the diving board but did go off once. Lydia and Maddox loved hanging in the hottub and splashing.

September 5th-The Fair

Lots of animals to see and yummy food to eat. Danny and Lydia stayed home for the first few hours so that Danny could get some homework done and Lydia could sleep (she was up crying all night the night before with an upset tummy). Both Skye and Joey even rode the little ponies.

September 6th-Bye Brit and Maddox! Playing at the Park

The kids had so much fun sliding and swinging and just enjoying playing together. Lydia wanted to explore all the playground on her own, but when she got to the top....she couldn't quite figure out how and if she wanted to go down. Skye saved the day; when he saw her hesitation and just picked her up and they went down together. After that they were frequent sliders together. Cyrie and Lydia both loved swinging and Skye had fun pushing them. Joey hung out at the bottom of the slides...filling them with wood chips each time someone slide down and pushed them off. Everyone else played games and chatted. We had so much fun!

September 7th-We always hate to say good-bye.

Everyone met up at the Falls for Lunch and our final goodbyes. There was lots of oohs and ahhs or the falls...and sure enough; a grape fight between Lindz and Buck. Joey and Skye scaled the little rock wall and Lydia followed them around as they explored.

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