Sunday, September 19, 2010

End of July-Beginning of August (Visiting In Idaho)

Yes, yes. I am catching up again. All the summer fun is it is time to get on the ball. Danny is back in school and I have started my own photography buisness called SnapShots By Emmalie. Enjoy my scrabbling to catchup!
In the Prigmore Family, we have started a new tradition it seems. Every year the men go on a backpacking trip together, while all us moms stay behind and play with the kids. (I must mention that we girls had our own get away a few weekends before to Boise.) Last year was the first time and then Luke insited to do it this year and every year to come. It is a good break for them since they all work so hard and we love and appreciate all they do for us. This year Hayden had to stay behind because of his new job, but it was sure great to have his help. All the kids LOVE Uncle Hayden.
Lydia-so happy to be out of the car and playing with bubbles

Getting some playtime in with Maddox

Mom's neighbor brought over some pool stuff for the grandkids. Combined with what Mom already had and what Lindz brought later, we had quite a collection. We all had a lot of fun!


Big Splash
Got water up my nose!

How we LOVE bugs! (Joey's Hand)


Hello Cyrie!

Sporting Maddox's Sun Hat

Wonder what they are saying....

Brit and Maddox

Lindz's Contribution.....Cyrie's favorite

Crazy neighbor kids. Don't worry....there is a trampoline there.

Possible Christmas Card for Mom Diane

Trying to throw ball over the tramp net

Joey trying too



Mom's Backyard Flowers

Getting a drink

Wearing Skye's Flip-Flops

Watching a show, winding down

Their lips crack me up

A pocket full of Posies....
Ashes, ashes....
We all fall down!!
Time for bed! Bye Skye!
I can't hear you.
We decided to have a party for Lydia right along with dinner and the men coming home. The kids could hardly contain their excitment.

Good Morning World!

We painted Lydia's toes to get ready for her party
Girly decorations!

The wait is on.......
I see them!
I'll never let you go again
Daddy (Luke) and Maddox

Now onto the PARTY!
(Thanks to Brit and Lindz for helping smoosh the little mallows and mom for getting cute decorations)
Singing "Happy Birthday dear Lydia"
Even Hayden got a hat

*Make a wish*

Forget the fork...

Digging to get a good angle
Lydia just can't get enough

What a fun party!!!
Danny always brings me home some mountain flowers. These are this year's beauties.

Helping Grandpa make his famous cookies. (Famous in my eyes because they are my most favorite.)


Linds said...

OH my gosh! What a fun collage of happiness! We sure have beautiful kids! I loved every single picture!

Brittney said...

Great Pics Em!! It was a fun filled summer!! Cant wait to see you guys this weekend!

Emmalie (or fondly Emma) said...

We all have beautiful kids! I agree. Can't wait to see you all again soon.