Monday, September 27, 2010

Lydia's Birthday Continued

As you know, we go play with Ethan and Mariah (his Mommy) every Monday or Thursday. The day before Lydia's birthday was our playdate, so we had a little party at the park. Mariah gave her a hand stitched baby doll. Her body, her clothes, her apron...everything, she made by hand. She even crotched a blanket for the baby. It is very special. And of course Lydia loved it immediately. She has had to show it to everyone since then.

Joey being tricky

Baby Kisses

Off to the other playground

Beautiful Morning

Scavenging for Rocks

Teasing Mom..."Come get me"

Morning Glories

Lydia's ACTUAL Birthday
Presents from Grandma Berg
Totally girly shoes....Lydia LOVES these

What is it?!
Jessie Doll!
(Joey is convinced that he is getting Woody on his birthday)
Glittery Shoes, Cowgirl Jessie, and Toy Story Fruit Snacks. Perfect Birthday Topper-Offer
After eating Ravioli for dinner (hence the very messy faces) we had ice cream cones....all favorites of Lydia

Really getting the hang of it now
Definetly time for a bubble bath...we even have our new bubble maker from Aunt Brit running. Ultra Bubbles!!
Trying to catch bubble with our mouths
or tongue

I love my kids!

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Brittney said...

They are getting so big!! I'm so bummed maddax and i got sick and couldnt come see you guys!! Love ya!