Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 3 in San Fransisco

Day 3 - Sunday - Beautiful Ballet
On Sunday we went to a Ballet at the War Memorial Opera House. I didn't have any clue what to expect or what ballet we where even going to. All we knew was that this was when a ballet would be going on. It was amazing. It was 3 separate short ballets with an intermission in between each. Afterward, we went walking around outside in the fresh rainy air. Such a lovely day.
We have found the right place

With our Ballet Binoculars

What we saw when we first came in! Ahhh.....
Beautiful Stage
Looking down and over by Lindz
Balcony Seating
Ballet Poses
Out of the Ballet and enjoying the rainy day
I think it looks like a capital building of sorts

Loved all the lamp posts
Singing "The Battle of Jericho" and really getting into it!

He was so fun to watch


Fountain Pose

The buildings are all pretty tall

While walking we found this amazing blue wall and decided to wait by it to call a cab. I was in Heaven.

Forgot to mention that yesterday (Day 2) we went to Safeway to get some groceries. It took a little while to find it but when we did, we found that it was in a big shopping center....kinda like going to the mall, but you have Safeway for one of the stores. After gathering our goodies, we went to stand in line. Our cashier seemed like a pleasant woman but the more I looked....well, I am pretty sure it was actually a man dressed as a woman. Especially by the forearms and slight 5 o'clock shadow. Oh dear. Still very nice though. Then our bagger went to call a taxi for us....great service here at Safeway. While waiting, we found another gentleman trying to hail a taxi as well, for his friend still shopping inside. They were both from Germany and invited us to come to a party that made no matter that we proudly wore our wedding bands. Made us giddy girls feel great. But needless to say, we did stay at home and watched a Chick Flick instead. So much better and safer for certain.


Linds said...

haha! Yes...when an Englishman and a German ask you to go thanks...and get in the taxi fast!
What a lovely day though. Cant wait to go to that Ballet again!

Brittney said...

Too much fun girls!! Im totally jealous!! You both look great in these pictures by the way!!