Friday, April 19, 2013

Beginning of February 2013

Lydia's teacher gave me a call the other day, mentioning that Lydia's HALF Birthday was going to be on the 6th of this month. Since Lydia's Birthday is in the summer, she was wondering if I wanted to celebrate Lydia's Birthday with her class on her half Birthday. I, of course, obliged. So we set to work making a poster all about Lydia to display in her classroom. This is a picture Lydia took of her family.

Lydia instructed us to be zombies

Smile!....hard at work destroying snow piles.

February 6: Lydia's HALF Birthday
We went and picked out "cute" cupcakes last night. Lydia new just what she wanted. When she came down the stairs this morning, she was all sorts of fancy...wanting to look especially nice today. She insisted we paint  her nails red to match. Such a little Princess.

Lydia got to be the Line Leader and Top Helper all during class. She loves to be in charge.

Showing off the things she brought from home to tell about herself.

Lydia got bubbles from her teacher. While the kids waited for their parents, Lydia blew bubbles to all her friends to pop. I have seen such a good change in her since she started Pre-School.

When we got home from school, we found a Valentines Package from Grandma Berg!

Painting magnets from our package

February 7: 100 Days of School
We created sculptures with 100 marshmallows to take to school

*Lydia's Rapunzel Castle*

*Joey's Bear Cave*

Silly Faces


Diane P said...

Luv the pics! They just get cuter every day. Luv and miss you all!!

Pam said...

Oh man! These are awesome! When the crap did Lydia get so big? It's not like we haven't seen her but these pictures make her look so much older to us. I LOVE her show and tell and Emmalie's parents' valentine to Danny. Plus Lydia's photo of you guys turned out great! (I also love seeing Joey still have that turtle we got him from Disneyland--we should plan on a big Disney vacation to celebrate Danny graduating from school by the way).