Sunday, April 21, 2013

End of February 2013

 February 14: Valentine's Day!
I woke up early this morning to finish up some things for Lydia's class party. Lydia woke up before the boys also and came in, eager help me. We worked on heart bean bags, "Pin the Lips on Miss Valentine", and her valentines to hand out. Later in the morning, Danny surprised both of us with a Heart Breakfast. Delightful and a nice surprise.

We decided Butterflies would be fun for Lydia's Valentines

 For Joey, I had some fun Valentine's that had facts about animals

 Joey and Lydia with their spoils from their classmates

 February 16: We went up to Idaho for Valentine's weekend and so did the rest of the Prigmore Clan. The cousins were all so excited to see each other. Such a crazy and fun houseful. The following pictures are from our Valentine exchange.

"Let me OUT!!"

Uncle Josh to the Rescue!

That's right...admire me

February 21: We have all been so sick this winter. Just one thing after another. We finally got a note from the Elementary School for both Joey and Lydia letting us know they had missed too many days and we now required a doctor's note anytime either missed school. Hassle. This week, Lydia is recovering from a massive ear infection on both sides, Alex had a rash all over his body, and we were concerned Joey had pink eye. Turned out not to be so...just more of the body getting our attention that something is up and to pay heed. Oh our poor children.

February 25: Alex discovered climbing onto the table today...what fun. He pulled one of our small yellow chairs over to the bench to create a form of stairs for himself.  He couldn't have been more pleased. I am afraid we have yet another dare devil on our hands.

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Linds said...

Stinking adorable photos, but I can NOT believe JOEYS SICK FACE! Bah! Poor guy! P.S. Can I steal The photo of Cyrie's Valentine?