Monday, August 10, 2009

So much craziness

The past few days have been more than intense and I guess exciting would be one way to look at it. Lots of adjusting with schooling and renting and deciding what is best for our family. We are still ironing out some wrinkles but things always work out.

In the meantime, alot of good things have been happening too. Danny went backpacking with his dad and brothers while us girls played the weekend away with the kids. It got a little crazy at times but we made it and we were all happy to have our men and daddies home. Lydia also turned ONE!!! So of course we had a little party for her and Aunt Jill, who's birthday is the next day. The 2 of them were quite the buddies. Lydia has also decided she can walk and is trying to do it all the far 10 steps has been her biggest achievment before falling. Danny and I tried to get her to walk between us this evening, but she had other plans. She wanted to go off walking by herself. I love to watch her. I am trying to keep Joey included in it all...I think he is feeling left out, since Lydia is going through so many good new things...Big Steps...and Joey wants to be applauded too. He takes his turn walking between Danny and I and I try to applaude him for doing big boy things. Tonight, Joey did his first little tinkle in the toilet!!! First on the floor and towel but he had some saved for being a big boy. He got a special treat (Smartie) for doing so well. PROGRESS! Also, I am trying to make sure Lydia doesn't take advantage of being the little sister...she has started throwing a fit if Joey even looks at her. Ridiculous!

Lots of excitement! And lots of pictures that need to be posted...I just can't seem to keep up. My plan is to do several posts for each little/big thing over the last week. Wish me luck!

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