Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 4 - Passing Time and Aquarium

After Lindz's early appointment we crossed the street into Pier Paradise.

Makes me think of Forrest Gump

The Aquarium wasn't open yet and there weren't hardly any stores open so just looked around.

Had to stop and get my fortune (from Big with Tom Hanks)

There were 2 stores open that we went to. First one that sold all different kinds of shells and things made out of them. And then our most favorite EVER, a store filled completely with hats!!!! We were in there forever and had WAY too much fun.

* Afterwards we went to this crepe restaurant....oh my delicious!!!


Emma - Turkey, Jack Cheese, Pesto, Avocado!

Lindz - Ham and Eggs

We plan on coming back here later in the week.


On to the Aquarium!!

Wearing one of her NEW hats. Love it

First thing you see once you go down the elevator...amazing

See the bumps on this one...unique

We were walking by this exhibit not really knowing what it was when we saw a little girl inside. Freaked us out....then we found we could go in as well. Fun!

There were two tunnels to go through...the first showing the animals that only go to a certain depth, therefore being a little lighter.

This is an octopus

Scuba diver...checking things out

Underwater Pill, much bigger than regular land ones

Then came the "second, darker, deeper sea dwellers" tunnel. The tunnel where all the SHARKS know how scared of sharks Lindz is right?

Nervous Laughter

Yea for Lindz! Two sharks even swam right over her head...a little freaky when you aren't expecting it. She made it all the way through.
Once done with the tunnels we moved on to the other displays. We even got to pet the sting rays. This one came right up to be petted. Cute.

We got to see the Ray feeding. Very cool. They threw a bunch of fish peices in the water and then the rays would sneak up on them like a cat and then pounce. We weren't allowed to put our hands in the water during this time.

* A Bat Ray leaping about

Off to do more Touring! Busy day ahead


Linds said...

Evil that you were taking pictures of ME instead of the SHARKS! Funny Pictures! And great photo recap!

Linds said...

(pounding fists on table) WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!