Sunday, November 3, 2013

April Continued...

April 19 - Compliments of our Little Feminine Artist

 April 21 - Finally a Warm Day

Stylin' Outfit. Yes?

April 22 - Crafty Girl  (Also Uncle Robert's Birthday and Earth Day!)

 April 25 - Carly's Bridal Shower
We girls headed out to another Bridal Shower this evening at Auntie Ruth's home. 
We love our outings / Mommy Daughter Dates




The "Groom to Be" sneaking a few pictures

 A BEAUTIFIL Quilt by Auntie Ruth (Or Future Mom in this case)


 As the evening was winding down, I came downstairs to locate my little diva. Here is what I found.


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Unknown said...

Sweet captures, lovely piano piece. reminds me that I have a couple videos if my kids creating a duet piece. Ha! I need to find them!