Monday, November 4, 2013

Final Post for April

April 26 - Calendar Moment
Our little Jelly Bean went on a Preschool Field Trip today to the Zoo in Salt Lake City. It was hard to let her go off without one of us but I new the parent she was partnered with and it was 2 or 3 kids to 1 adult. Not too crazy, but hard for me. She had a wonderful time, coming home with many details about her day.

April 27 - Stella is One!
One of our cute little friends turned one. She is simply adorable. Her parents threw a party over at the park by our Rec Center. It was a windy day and a wonderful party.

Chocolate Cake Teeth

Cake chow time with Danny

How she LOVES her Daddy.


April 28 - Another Park Day!
Our friend Dillion Graduated!!! We had a BBQ at the Rec Center Park to celebrate.

April 29 - A Life Changing Day
Today we are officially Independent Business Owners of the American Communications Network (the only catch...we are now in 22 countries other than America so it is now ACN). Later this evening we went over to the Taylor's home for dinner and Family Home Evening. We played a fun new game (at least for us) Ticket to Ride. Must add it to our list.

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